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Vehicles < 3.5 t
Up to 3.5 t laden weight
Includes all vehicles with a maximum technically permissible laden weight of 3.5 t, in particular cars and caravans. Vehicles with less than four tyres do not require a vignette (e.g. motorbikes and trikes).

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1 week
This e-vignette is valid for 1 week from the start date.
12.20 US$
1 month
This e-vignette is valid for 1 month from the validity start date.
21.57 US$
3 months
This e-vignette is valid for 3 months from the start date.
35.51 US$
1 year
This e-vignette is valid for 1 year from the start date.
62.39 US$
1 weekend
This e-vignette is valid from Friday 12:00 to Sunday 23:59 on the weekend specified.
8.03 US$
Prices displayed incl. statutory toll charge, incl. service charge and statutory VAT.